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Option: Tib Bar

The Tib Bar™ is a high-quality piece of equipment designed to weight-load your tibialis anterior muscle on the front of your shin. A strong tibialis muscle is the first line of defence for knee, ankle and shin pain, including shin splints. This device exposes your tibialis and ankle to full plantar flexion (pointed toes) to increase ankle strength and range of motion - making you more athletic. This full ankle flexion requires weight-loading and is not available through simple bodyweight tibialis raises.

An Olympic Weight Collar is included with all purchases. Weight plates are not included unless stated. 


    What is the Tib Bar™?

    The Tib Bar™ is an exercise tool used to carry out weighted tibialis raises. Practicing this exercise strengthens the anterior tibialis muscle, which is your first line of defence against knee pain.

    What are the benefits of using the Tib Bar™?

    Using the Tib Bar™ helps to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the ankle while simultaneously stretching and increasing the ankles range of motion.

    Strengthening these areas improves stabilisation and mobility, which is crucial for recovery from and prevention of injuries such as ankle sprains and shin splints. It also helps to maintain longevity in your leg muscles for the rest of your life.

    Training with The Tib Bar™ helps to improve your sprint speed, jump height, deceleration time and directional change.

    will the Tib Bar™ fit my foot?

    The Tib Bar™ has been designed to fit any sized foot.

    What size weight plates does the Tib Bar™ take?

    The Tib Bar™ fits any plates with a 2"/50mm central hole. It is suitable for use with both traditional and olympic diameter plates.

    Does the Tib Bar™ come with a weight collar?

    Yes. All Tib Bars™ are supplied with an hex lock weight collar.

    Is the Tib Bar™ comfortable?

    Yes. The Tib Bar™ features thick foam padding for optimum user comfort.