Torque Relentless Rope Trainer


A force to be reckoned with. Crafted for unlimited performance, Torque’s Relentless Rope Trainer uses innovative magnetic force resistance to enable competitive bi-directional movements, promising a limitless rope trainer challenge.

The Relentless Rope attachment compliments individual and group fitness regimes. Featuring a sleek design, bi-directional movements, and four selectable resistance settings this novel rope trainer incorporates the magnetic force resistance you know and love with a new and improved durable, three-strand twisted marine-grade rope. A faster pull delivers a more difficult resistance challenge.

The Relentless Rope Trainer is built with a pivoting head to ensure proper wrap and minimize slippage while providing consistent resistance throughout training - in all directions and angles. Built for all fitness facilities, the Relentless Rope Trainer is a unique attachment compatible with all Torque rigs and racks as well as other manufacturer rigs and racks.