GHD Glute Hamstring Developer Machine

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This GHD machine is a thing of beauty! Made of a steel frame, powder-coated in black, with faux-leather pads and a steel adjustable foot plate.

There are a number of features built into this machine which make it incredibly practical yet well designed. These include:

  • A step in the centre to help with getting into position
  • Handles at the front to help with movement
  • Band pegs to increase workout intensity and resistance
  • Pin adjustable foot plate, to make it perfect for your body
  • Wheels for easy movement around your space

This machine is 180cm in length, 80cm wide at the base, 92cm wide at the handles and 124cm high, making it a good size for any commercial or home gym.

It's easy to put together, with all bolts and nuts and easy to follow instructions provided.

The GHD is a great tool for building your glutes, strengthening the often problematic hamstring, as well as for functional fitness training. Combine with dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands for an even more effective workout!