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La Nordic Strap è un attrezzo versatile che può essere utilizzato per una serie di esercizi, dai Nordic Curls (esercizi per i muscoli posteriori della coscia) agli esercizi addominali. L'eccentrico esercizio Nordic Curl utilizza il tuo peso corporeo per aumentare la forza delle gambe, l'equilibrio e la potenza esplosiva per renderti più atletico. Questo prodotto è facile da usare con qualsiasi panca standard.


What is a Nordic Strap?

A Nordic Strap is a piece of equipment which has been specifically designed to allow users to turn any flat, stable exercise bench or surface into a Nordic Hamstring Curl Bench. The Nordic Hamstring Curl is an exercise designed to target all three of the hamstring muscles with the intention of reducing the risk of strain or injury.

What are the benefits of the Nordic Strap?

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that incorporating Nordic Curls into a training program can reduce hamstring injury by up to 51%.This is because the Nordic Curls strengthen and lengthen the hamstrings simultaneously. Stronger hamstrings also mean better sports performance and faster sprint times, so if you’re an athlete looking to prevent injury or improve performance, Nordic Curls are a must!

How do I use the Nordic Strap?

The Nordic Strap can easily transform any traditional flat exercise bench into a Nordic Curl bench by securely locking your feet in place, allowing you to perform a Nordic Curl exercise.

What are the dimensions of the Nordic Strap?

The Nordic Strap measures 200cm x 5cm.

What forces is the Nordic Strap rated to?

The Nordic Strap can withstand forces of up to 300kg.

Is the Nordic Strap comfortable?

Yes. The Nordic Strap is manufactured from a comfortable yet extremely strong webbed nylon fabric.

Is the Nordic Strap easy to fit and adjust?

Yes. The Nordic Strap features an easy to use metal buckle, which allows for easy fitting and adjustment, even with only one hand.